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Heading to Maker Faire

Matt Danda

All packed up, ready for the Kansas City Maker Faire at Union Station. I'll be stationed outside (bummer!), but I am an unknown at this stage. Getting up bright and early tomorrow morning!! 

Video is Done!

Matt Danda

It only took two hours to edit the video and do the voice-over! Well, that doesn't count the time spent writing the script, making the videos, and gathering the various digital assets. So, maybe altogether it took 8 to 10 hours. Well, whatever, the video is done and published!!

I think I'm ready to start promoting the book. Wow. It feels weird to have made it this far. 


Almost ready to promote the book, just one more thing...

Matt Danda

I'm almost ready to start promoting the book, but I need one more thing: a video! As much as I like the web site and the promotional copy, I'm not convinced it's enough to properly promote the book. The missing element is a video describing the chair and the book. Hopefully I can put it together in the next few days (or weeks). I already wrote the script, now I just need to record the audio and get a few new pictures and video clips. Oh, and assemble edit it.

Once I get the video wrapped up and posted, I can start making formal announcements and begin the marketing blitz.  

Print Version Now Available on Amazon!

Matt Danda

I received a proof from Createspace, found some minor typos, fixed them, uploaded a new file, and PUBLISHED! The print book is now available on Amazon and Createspace!

Here is the link on Amazon!

And the link on Createspace, where I initially published the book. 

Publishing is a major milestone, but easy to overlook as many tasks still lie ahead....

I'm investigating the efficacy of producing an e-book. At first glance, the Kindle format doesn't seem to be all that friendly toward "how-to" books, which require copious numbered lists, bulleted lists, tables, and diagrams. The authoring tool I'm using, Madcap Flare, will produce EPUB files but they aren't necessarily publisher-ready without some manual editing. Either way, in order to publish an e-book, I will have to invest some time and energy into formatting the file appropriately. I'm a little discouraged because I already put quite a lot of time formatting the print version. So I'm going to stop and think about this dilemma for a little while.  


Proof coming

Matt Danda

I successfully submitted a final PDF of the book to Createspace for publishing. The final step is to receive a proof in the mail. Once I receive and approve the proof, the book will be available on Amazon. That's the good news. The bad news is that the production costs are way higher than I expected, so I have to price the book significantly higher than I intended. I then get the lovely double whammy of higher sticker price and lower royalty percentage than expected. So the odds of me breaking even on this endeavor are getting lower and lower. Oh well, it is a fun experience.   

Just Getting Started...

Matt Danda

The web site is up and running. I intend to refine it before making any formal announcements, but I have something!!!!

I'm also dabbling with a new Facebook page, although my first priority is getting the instruction guide on Amazon. I just finished a full round of edits with a professional editor and made a ton of minor changes and improvements. A few days ago I got the cover art and Crazy-Cheap-and-Easy logo from a graphic designer. After what seemed like forever to get anything done, everything is coming together...FAST!! 

All I need is one more round of copy editing, then validate the EPUB file in preparation for uploading to Amazon. I'm a little intimidated by the EPUB process, but I can't in good conscious farm out that task, because it's sort of my day job to work with technical I'll hunker down for the next few days and figure it out.

Getting so close to making this fun little project a reality!