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Just Getting Started...

Matt Danda

The web site is up and running. I intend to refine it before making any formal announcements, but I have something!!!!

I'm also dabbling with a new Facebook page, although my first priority is getting the instruction guide on Amazon. I just finished a full round of edits with a professional editor and made a ton of minor changes and improvements. A few days ago I got the cover art and Crazy-Cheap-and-Easy logo from a graphic designer. After what seemed like forever to get anything done, everything is coming together...FAST!! 

All I need is one more round of copy editing, then validate the EPUB file in preparation for uploading to Amazon. I'm a little intimidated by the EPUB process, but I can't in good conscious farm out that task, because it's sort of my day job to work with technical I'll hunker down for the next few days and figure it out.

Getting so close to making this fun little project a reality!