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Print Version Now Available on Amazon!

Matt Danda

I received a proof from Createspace, found some minor typos, fixed them, uploaded a new file, and PUBLISHED! The print book is now available on Amazon and Createspace!

Here is the link on Amazon!

And the link on Createspace, where I initially published the book. 

Publishing is a major milestone, but easy to overlook as many tasks still lie ahead....

I'm investigating the efficacy of producing an e-book. At first glance, the Kindle format doesn't seem to be all that friendly toward "how-to" books, which require copious numbered lists, bulleted lists, tables, and diagrams. The authoring tool I'm using, Madcap Flare, will produce EPUB files but they aren't necessarily publisher-ready without some manual editing. Either way, in order to publish an e-book, I will have to invest some time and energy into formatting the file appropriately. I'm a little discouraged because I already put quite a lot of time formatting the print version. So I'm going to stop and think about this dilemma for a little while.